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Exploring Sexual Intimacy

by Shaun Galanos, The Love Drive

In this episode, Sade Ferrier - an Associate marriage and family Therapist and Intimacy Coach - discusses sexual intimacy and how to feel safe in a relationship. Sexual intimacy is multidimensional, as she clarifies, it’s more than intercourse and more than sex. Sade shares the importance and challenges of accepting your lover and Shaun shares a practice called Desires, Fears, and Boundaries.

Shaun shares a useful practice for better communication about sex or intimacy practices based on understanding our desires, fears and boundaries.

Intimacy & Multiple Sclerosis

by Myelin & Melanin Podcast

What’s your love language? How does that relate to intimacy? Today we are joined by intimacy coach and LAMFT Sade Ferrier and boudoir photographer, body coach, and fellow MSer Keyonna Renea. Don’t miss this dope chat.

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