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Relationships are challenging. The My Intimacy Therapist Podcast invites you into a safe space to consider the hard questions and learn practical tools - whether you are single or coupled.

From Purity Culture and sexuality to arguments and shame, I hope that you walk away with the ability to create an intimate life where you are fully seen, fully known and fully loved.

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recent guest convos


"Growing Intimacy in a New Relationship"

w/ Arielle Estoria

My Intimacy Therapist Podcast

Arielle is a Spoken Word Poet, gifted Writer and Author, captivating and authentic Emcee, Speaker and Actor. 

In this episode we talk about Arielle Estoria's personal journey with building emotional and physical intimacy in as a single woman, dating partner, and newlywed.

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"Exploring Sexual Intimacy"

w/ Shaun Galanos

The Love Drive Podcast

In this episode... Sade shares the importance and challenges of accepting your lover and Shaun shares a practice called Desires, Fears, and Boundaries.

Shaun shares a useful practice for better communication about sex or intimacy practices based on understanding our desires, fears and boundaries.

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"Vaginismus & Pelvic Floor Therapy" w/ Dr. Laura Meihofer

My Intimacy Therapist Podcast

If you have experienced searing pain, burning, or the "hitting a wall" feeling when you attempt intercourse, you've likely already done your research and learned of a term called vaginismus. In this episode, pelvic floor therapist Dr. Laura Meihofer and I give you the inside scoop!



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