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sadé jovanne

Podcaster  |   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  |  Workshop Host

my "why"

I am wild about intimacy.

More specifically, I am wild about the way that intimacy has the power to transform, heal, ignite - if only we knew how to access it. And this is the problem. 


We are lonely and stuck in our loneliness. We sense this and get more and more anxious, unsure of how to correct the issue. The loneliness plays out in a lot of different ways. In our sex lives, it sounds like "I just feel used" or "why don't they desire me?!". In our single lives, it looks like endless swiping on a dating app and complete burnout or isolation. We're just all...stuck. 

But I've seen different.

I've seen what it looks like to have the opposite of this problem.

In my life, I've felt the difference between anxiety and rest; frustration and happiness; shame and intimacy. If you listen to my podcast, it's what I call being "fully seen, fully known, and fully loved."

In my work, I've gotten to see the same thing happen for others. Couples who started out yelling, barely able to finish a sentence without interrupting each other; and within months they are listening deeply, smiling sweetly, patient with each other as they talk honestly about the hard moments. I've gotten to celebrate with couples experiencing vaginismus after they have pain-free intercourse for the first time. I've gotten to talk with singles about their anger towards Purity Culture, and see the lightbulb moments when they discover that they can have beauty and joy in their sexuality.

This is my why. I believe this as truth.

Intimacy is powerful and it can completely transform your pain

And it would be my honor to walk with you through that.

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Curious about the counseling world?

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Can I do some of this work on my own?

on the personal side...

My favorite thing to do each January is to get a new planner​ - plus crayons for color-coding my day

I speak Spanish fluently

Sweet friend plantains are everything

My favorite pastime is bachata dancing

I am the daughter of Jamaican immigrants

I feel most anger towards sex trafficking

and lack of multicultural diversity

Candles, tacos and unique dresses

are my go-to impulse purchases

I design websites for wellness professionals


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Sade Ferrier, LMFT - My Style as a Therapist

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