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Intimacy Mindset Makeover

You don't want to have sex very often (if at all).

Or you feel it takes too much time and energy

Or it intimate gestures and conversations make you anxious.

What can you do?


If you do not need therapy, you may benefit from a digital, DIY experience. This course is a collection of audio teachings designed for intimacy enrichment that you can access at home, through your headphones, or on-the-go. This course is non-clinical and not intended as a substitute for therapeutic assessment or treatment. 

Lingerie Model

You need this, girl:

Intimacy Mindset


Want a complimentary preview!?

Click the button below to listen to Lesson 1, Spoonful 1 


  • 3 Lessons on improving sexual communication

  • Mini audio bursts (less than 10 minutes) to accommodate an on-the-go schedule

  • Downloadable individual & couple activities for amplified transformation

  • Option of a live, online, 30-minute workshop for guided coaching through duration of your course



Extreme Mindset Makeover

3 audio bursts

A shift in mindset is necessary before any transformation can come true. 

Unveil and reprogram the myths that have kept you stuck in a holding pattern.

Listen to a Sneak Peek Here


The Language of Love-Making

4 audio bursts

Out-of-the-box verbal and non-verbal communication tips for expressing yourself sexually. Feel discomfort at the thought of stating your sexual needs?  There's also a mini-lesson included on caring for your discomfort.


Turning Down Sex

3 audio bursts

Turning down sex has likely gotten you caught in a cycle of "no." Building on past lessons, you'll learn a game-changing way to affirm your partner while listening to your body's needs.


Bonus: Sex & Spirituality

3 audio bursts

A deconstructed look at how spirituality and sexuality have been separated for so long, and how your intimate life can be enriched by bringing God into the bedroom.


No more tension & anxiety.

Transform your intimate life.


Is this course for me?

Yes! If you are someone who wants...

Less tension, awkwardness and anxiety when discussing sexual intimacy

Intimacy that isn't just sexual intercourse every time

To feel that sex happens with you, not to you

To feel joy and spiritual peace in your sexuality

Get it Now
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