individual & couples counseling | sex therapy


[see also: therapy]

1. free space to be heard and/or to find out how to get what you most want

2. comfy couch, fuzzy blankets and a white noise machine outside the door

3. virtual support within the comfort of your own home


[shah-day], [licensed marriage and family therapist]

Prefer video? I've got a greeting for you here!


I decided to become a therapist after learning about a condition (called "vaginismus," at the time) that causes pain during sex for women. It is amazing how common sexual pain is, yet how rarely it is discussed openly. It became my mission to dive into the field of sex therapy to help couples tackle difficult issues such as sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, low frequency, and lack of interest. I am pleased to serve women and couples in the Suwanee, Georgia and metro Atlanta area!

I am your fighter and cheerleader. I'm going to challenge you to stretch into your best self while celebrating your progress. You can also expect a large spoonful of quirkiness (hey, intimacy should be fun!). Playfulness is essential to growth.


University of Georgia | B.S.F.C.S. Consumer Journalism

Lee University | M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy


Georgia Associate Therapy License: #AMFT000535

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Michael Sytsma

Georgia Therapy License: #LPC001970

For You to Know

Associate MFT Informed Consent

Site of Practice: Building Intimate Marriages

I do not provide crisis counseling.

Please contact 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 





  • Anxiety

  • Dating

  • Career

  • Self-esteem

  • Past baggage

  • Identity



  • Pre-engagement & premarital

  • Communication

  • Trust recovery

  • Stagnant/stuck relationship

  • Life transitions (parenthood, age...)

  • Affair recovery


Individuals or Couples

  • Female pain during sex

  • Too high/ too low desire

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Non-consummated relationship

  • Integrating sexuality & spirituality

SESSION frequency

Once per month:

For check-ins and light support with your concern. Best for individuals / counseling with dating. Not recommended for sex therapy or couples counseling.


Are you ready to begin making improvements, but have concerns with timing and your schedule. There will be take-home exercises to help support your progress out of session. Some individuals and couples book double (back-to-back) sessions biweekly.



You're ready to make big changes in our relationship! You have time and energy to invest in session and at home. We will get started with helping you cast a vision for a better personal or intimate life, weekly. Once you've gotten the hang of things, we can move to biweekly sessions as you complete take-home activities to improve your progress!


  • 7-minute phone consultation

  • Schedule your session

  • Complete your new client profile online

  • Arrive at Building Intimate Marriages (or online virtual waiting room)

  • Enjoy coffee, soda, or hot tea in lobby

  • Session length: 45 - 50 minutes

  • Set goals with Sadé

  • Be active in your sessions

  • Complete activities at home to continue progress in real life


What if change is

CLOSER than you think?




$140 per 45 - 50 minute session

Cash or card gladly accepted

Insurance not accepted at this time

All therapeutic appointments take place at Building Intimate Marriages in Suwanee, Georgia (or online for Georgia residents)


I am proud to be part of Building Intimate Marriages, a group practice in Suwanee, Georgia, focused on getting to the heart of relationships. All therapeutic and financial interactions take place through this non-profit organization. No information submitted on this site will be used for clinical purposes.

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