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i'm sade jovanne

I work with couples and busy professionals who can't get unstuck from the "no intimacy" cycle.

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Too busy to meet your personal and relationship needs?

Does the thought of initiating sex make you anxious?​

Are you frustrated that your partner doesn't understand you?

Let's work together!

The solution starts with your mindset. You likely have ingrained limiting beliefs and behaviors that are causing you stay stuck. Essentially, we need to break your patterns.

My style is to challenge you to notice your unhelpful beliefs and actions so that you can experience more pleasure and less tension.


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You're obviously an extremely capable person. But can you learn how to open up to pleasure versus focusing on control?

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For those who need in-depth help with sex drive, vaginismus, communication, building trust after an affair, etc.

"Girl...can I just say thank you! Your course was FIRE!"

- A

"Yes! It was so encouraging/reinforcing to hear you talk about God wanting us to be sexual people. "

- K

“You’re incredible. That was awesome. Thanks so much for this. Please do this again. I’m in a wives group. I’d love to invite them to one of these.”

- E


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i'm excited to work with you and your relationship!

If you choose dating coaching, you can expect your coaching experience to be fun and eye-opening. I like to ask questions that help you consider things you've never thought of before, and stretch into a new way of enjoying intimacy.

If you choose sex therapy, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment to talk about topics that might make you feel shy - or even frustrated. I'll help you understand what problems are contributing to your intimacy issues, and together, we'll create a game plan to transform your sex life! We'll even integrate spiritually (if you'd like) to address shame-holding beliefs. Sex therapy is available online, in-person, and in intensive (two-day) formats.

Get ready to be encouraged and supported.

We're in this together now!

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