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are you a go-getter and frustrated with your love life?

If so, coaching is for YOU!

Welcome, lovely!

I'm Sadé Jovanne (shah-day joh-vah-nee), and I'm wild about spiritual sexuality. If you were part of the Purity Culture movement, you understand how deeply sex and shame have been intertwined. I hate that. Let's change that.

The solution starts with your mindset. You likely have ingrained negative and limiting beliefs that are causing you stay stuck in your dating or intimate life.

As your intimacy or dating coach, I'll challenge you to change those beliefs and the unhelpful actions playing out in your love life!

(oh, and if you feel like you need in-depth therapy to work through some deeper traumas or hurts, meet me over here!)


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The cure for a frustrating dating life that you've been looking for

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For couples who are looking to improve sexual communication & enjoyment

"Girl...can I just say thank you! Your course was FIRE!"

- A

"Yes! It was so encouraging/reinforcing to hear you talk about God wanting us to be sexual people. "

- K

“You’re incredible. That was awesome. Thanks so much for this. Please do this again. I’m in a wives group. I’d love to invite them to one of these.”

- E

raving reviews


i'm excited to be your

intimacy & dating coach!

You can expect your coaching experience to be fun and eye-opening. I like to ask questions that help you consider things you've never thought of before, and stretch into a new way of enjoying intimacy.

No need to worry about location! We will get to meet virtually once or twice per month, depending on your desired frequency.

Not sure where to start, but just know that you need help? I've got you! Based on your story, I'll let you know what areas could be helpful to work on.

Get ready to be encouraged and supported.

We're in this together now!

Sadé Ferrier, M.S.

Sade Jovanne, LLC


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