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When a Therapist Goes to Therapy

I just got out of a session with my therapist (#therapistsneedtherapy) , and everything seems so clear.

So aligned.

So true.

To give some backstory, it has been over a month since my last therapy session. I'd been seeing my therapist for 2 years when she told me that she was transitioning out of her practice. In other words, I was going to have to form a new relationship with someone else from scratch.


This is usually where many people drop out of the therapeutic journey. It is hard to build relationships in the real world, organically; and some might say it is even harder to jump into the depths of therapeutic connection. But I sent the emails, had my 15-minute phone call, and warned my new clinician (let's call her Ava. This is not her name), "I'm a little bit difficult. Just saying."

Which brings us to here, now (Jane the Virigin narrator reference). This was my first session with Ava, and it became obvious how much had fallen out of alignment during my brief hiatus between therapists. Kind of like when you hit the gym again and realize that oops, maybe you do need a bit more consistency ;)

In the (Virtual Room)

Like most therapy-goers during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, I've been adjusting to doing my therapy sessions online. It takes me quite a while to build trust and open up, but let me tell you something... it felt good to be transparent again. To say exactly what I was thinking, and even tell Ava what my concerns about our relationship would be like. It felt good to tell my story and realize how far I've come after 2 years of consistent work with my previous therapist. It felt good to tell Ava that I need her, a White woman, to allow fullness of space for me, a Black Jamaican-American, as I navigate some of the cultural parts of my story.

It felt good to be honest.

Not polished. Not filtering.

And suddenly, the question I'd had rattling around in my mind before the session "what should I do about XYZ person" seemed to still..... quiet itself.... and one thing became abundantly clear:

Be all of you. Be all of you. Be all of you.

If you haven't jumped on the therapy train yet, I highly recommend it. And, I'd be honored to provide that "be all" space for you. Come sit on my couch (or log into my online waiting room), kick off your shoes and give yourself permission to move out of performance mode and into "what do I need" mode.

It's your turn. I've got you. Book a complimentary consultation here and let's chat real quickly about what a therapeutic journey can do for you.


Are you curious about counseling or sex therapy?

Book a FREE 15-minute consultation that fits your schedule. I'd love to answer your questions and recharge your sense of hope! (Counseling for Georgia residents)


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