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All Shades are Welcome

Photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash

In graduate school, we learned about something called "multicultural counseling." In short (compared to the longer version, which took about two years and an internship to explain), it is the therapist's responsibility to integrate and honor the client's ethnic background in sessions.

To acknowledge where you came from. Your values, beliefs. How you feel received or accepted by the culture you live in. The unique challenges that come alongside the unfortunate existence of colorism.

Because it matters. And, I also know that it is hard to understand this unless you live it. It isn't always drastic or blatant; sometimes it is subtle and internalized. And in any form, your background matters.

I remember being in a session (therapists have therapists, too!) and feeling that I had to censor certain parts of my story because my counselor might not understand. While I still received quality care that was perfect for my season of life, they just weren't able to address the parts of my story that involved navigating the world as a woman of color. And, hear me, it was still good.

But let's add some more good into the mix. I want my clients - I want you - to be able to experience an extra layer of acknowledgment. As best as is possible, I want you to experience freedom. The exhale, the release. To be you, fully you. This is my role: to create a space that holds all of you. To step into your world for 45 to 50 minutes each session. Oh, my heart would break if you felt you had to play pretend or hide bits of yourself in order to make anything easier for your counselor. No, no, let me bend and stretch. This is your space to be free.

Interested in getting started? Book your session today. I'd love to meet you.

Not needing counseling, but I've piqued your curiosity a bit? Come join the tribe on Instagram: @mftsade.


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