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Why Do I Have Pain During Sex?

Whether you are feeling pain during sex or pain after sex, it is wildly frustrating to not know the root cause. Especially if it hasn't always been this way!

I'm aware that, with our time of global social isolation, many of us may be confronting our ongoing sexual pain issues for the first time. Here's your simple answer: it's more common t

han you think, it's not just in your head, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Pain is your body's way of signaling that something isn't functioning as it should be - even if the issue isn't visible to the naked eye. And, yes, it could be that your pain is only mild or infrequent...but it still matters.

I'm sure you're a Google Queen. You've heard of terms like vaginismus or interstitial cystitis. You've learned the impact of birth control on sexual functioning, or you've heard about women who begin feeling pain after giving birth. Even still, your condition may be a combination of more than one source (if you're interested in deeper reading, check out my crash course on sexual pain).

But I can help simply this for you, give you language that you can resonate with. I've created a brief questionnaire that may help you understand how the pain is forming in your body, and a few potential causes. Be encouraged. There is an entire field of professionals that exist specifically to guide you through this process. Fulfilling intimacy is 100% possible! I've seen it unfold. It really is true.

You Ready? Here Are Your Next Steps

1) Take the Sexual Pain Quiz. Get an idea of what's up. There are quite a few conditions listed, but it's not the full bucket. I say this as an encouragement. This is not in your head, and it's definitely not as simple as "relaaaaxxx." Ugh. No. Let's get some professionals on your team.

2) Assemble your team. Let's meet for a 50-minute consultation (now available in an online therapy format, if you live in Georgia!). I can listen to your condition and help connect you with medical professionals that are knowledgeable and will properly assess you. (Because, believe it or not, not even all OB/GYNs know how to treat sexual pain).

Not in Georgia? That's fine! I'm connected with a network of therapists in other states. We'll work together to find your person.


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