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3 FUN Kissing Games!

Ready to try something different? Kissing is an amazing way to connect with your significant other. You can communicate so much through the touch of your lips: I love you, I miss you, I want you, I care about you, I feel your pain, I appreciate you, I want to do so much more with you...

But, perhaps you're at a spot in your relationship where kissing feels a bit monotonous. Routine. Boring, if you were being daringly honest with yourself. That's okay! Relationships are living, breathing, moving, growing creations. They ebb and flow through the seasons of life. Don't see your lull in kissing passion as a sign that the magic is gone. It's simply an opportunity, a beckon, for you to come and invest more in your relational chemistry!

So, without further ado : 3 ideas to be playful with your kiss-kiss time!

Nature's Kiss

Ever thought you could be healthy while being sensual?

  1. Gather an assortment of fruits (the pre-arranged cups of fresh fruit at your local grocery store could be an option!)

  2. Have one partner close their eyes

  3. The other partner should eat a fruit, making sure to get a bit of the sweetness (or sour) on their lips

  4. Kiss! Can you guess what fruit your partner has eaten?

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

May I Roll for a Kiss?

You'll need a pair of dice, a piece of paper, and a pen

  1. Divide the paper in half. On one half of the paper, write"Dice 1" and list #1 - 6. Do the same for the other half, and name it "Dice 2"

  2. Dice 1 is for adverbs. Dice 2 is for areas of the body.

  3. On your Dice 1 half of the paper, list out 6 adverbs (i.e. how you do something). Examples could be: "slowly," "sloppily," "hilariously," "hungrily," "loudly," "roughly"....get creative!

  4. On your Dice 2 half of the paper, list out 6 areas of the body (note: talk first with your partner about what areas are acceptable for this game. If "butt" is off-limits, consider if "inner thigh" or "lower back" would be more comfortable. Also, include some non-sexual zones - like "earlobe" or "forehead" or "ankle!")

  5. Now roll your dice! When you see your numbers, fill in the blanks of the following sentence: May I____(Dice 1)_____ kiss your____(Dice 2)____?

  6. Your partner should respond with "Yes, you may," or "You may try a different roll."

  7. Go back-and-forth rolling the dice! Be daring :)

Photo by Paul Volkmer on Unsplash

Green Means Go...for the Kiss

Remember playing "Red Light - Green Light?"

  1. Choose who will be Partner A and who will be Partner B

  2. Partner A: lay/sit/stand in whatever position feels most comfortable. Clothes are optional to whatever degree you'd like.

  3. Partner B: have fun kissing the body of this person that you adore! Let your attraction and admiration flow naturally. Agree beforehand on zones that are on-limits and off-limits.

  4. Partner A: at any point, say "Red light" when you want your partner to pause/freeze in place; "Yellow light" when you want them to move slower, and "Green light" when you want them to proceed!

  5. Continue for about 10 minutes (feel free to set a timer beforehand). Switch!

Want a challenge? Include other signals, like "Red light, but rev the engine" (which could mean that your partner continues kissing you in the exact place they are frozen. Or "Green light, turn onto the highway," might mean your partner accelerates their speed.

Have fun! Enjoy your time connecting with each other!


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