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Sexuality vs. Sensuality

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

What's the difference between the two?

Sexuality: the broad spectrum of acts, thoughts, desires and behaviors that reflect your attraction and connection preferences.

Sensuality: attunement to (the awareness of) how sight, sound, touch, smell and taste shape your experience of the world; often applied to being aware of how certain stimuli impact your sexual arousal.

Sexuality and sensuality often overlap.

When your partner lightly caresses your neck with their lips (a sensual experience), you may become physiologically and psychologically aroused, ready for even more of that good feeling (the sexual part).

But there are times when the two don’t overlap.

Drinking hot chocolate on a cold day is sensual: you sip slowly because it warms your belly and tastes rich in your mouth. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re aroused sexually by the hot chocolate.

So how can you mix sexuality and sensuality in your relationship?


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