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Just a Dose of Body Positivity for You

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

Hello, Valued One.

How are you feeling about your body today? Are you feeling strong and powerful, like a lioness? Did you wear your favorite red dress, or a delicate bra and panty? Did you approach your partner and know, know, that their eyes of adoration were all about you? I'm so glad. Be a champion for yourself. This body of yours has carried you from place to place, breathed for you, eaten for you. It is so, special. I am glad you are appreciating it.

But maybe you didn't feel the same yesterday. Maybe you don't feel the same today.

Hello, Especially Crafted One.

Do you look on your body and see your scars as ugly? Do the stretch marks that reveal Life feel like they were carved into you? Are you missing the body that you walked in during your youth...or before that third baby...or prior to that surgery? I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry if you feel trapped or disgusted or any of those other words that cut you down. I don't want you to stay there. My hope, my truest hope for you, is f r e e d o m.

"How?" You ask. You ask me this with contempt, maybe. Or sadness. Or desperation.

First: I need you to argue with the Voice.

That mean one. The one that treats you so rudely, talks to you in a way you'd never dream of talking to another human. Argue back. When that voice speaks poison to you, argue with the "what if that isn't true?" or the "stop that! That's so mean!" And believe it. Believe that the voice is being mean to you, and that you don't deserve it.

Second: Let's replace the voice.

There are a lot of ways to start. It may be that, internally, it's hard to create a safe space for yourself right now. That's alright, we'll create it soon enough. I have confidence in you. For now, seek good, honorable mirror-sources that can help lift you up and shower you with Truth when lies seem so predominant. A friend, a mentor, a therapist. Spirituality. Find good words, write them down, make them visible to you. Look at them, meditate on them, recite them every. day.

Resistance will come. The mean voice will push back. But you practiced this with the first step: push back harder.

Fight for You. You deserve it. You don't need to earn it. You are a masterpiece.


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