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The Power of Non-Sexual Touch

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As I'm writing to you, we're in the middle (or at the beginning?) of a global pandemic. For our collective health, trusted professionals are advising everyone to stay at home. No heading to the office, no trips to the movie theater (which are now closed in my area), no taking advantage of sales at the mall. Just home. And with "home" comes the people who also share your address of residence.

For some of you, this means that you're spending more time in close proximity to your spouse than you have in quite a while. You know, outside of the hustle-and-bustle of, "have you picked up the kids yet? No, I'm on my way out. Can you have dinner on the table? What time is the soccer game? When are you getting home from work?"

All of that is gone. What is left, is your foundation. The true identity of your relationship with your partner. And can we be honest? Some of us have been avoiding this for a while.

The Elephant in the Room

We've been avoiding the fact that initiating intimacy usually ends in a "no" or "I'm too tired." We've been avoiding the fact that, since the second child was born six years ago, your relationship never recovered its initial fire. We've been avoiding the gaping chasm that we have no idea how to fix.

May I give you a hint? Avoiding the elephant in the room isn't going to work anymore. It's time for change - and you can start small. Touch is God's gift to mankind. It truly, truly heals - whether shared through strangers in a moment of intense fear, through a mother and child at the first drop of milk, or through two loving partners who want to transcend time and space. Touch can let you know that you are seen, that you are heard, that you are welcomed.

But if sexual touch has been an area of argument, disagreement, discomfort, distance - you're going to repeat a pattern that's not working if you keep trying to start with sexual touch. Your partner may shut down all signs of affection, simply to avoid the potential of sexuality.

And that's frustrating.

An Alternative to Your Broken Intimacy Cycle

Do you know how to offer non-sexual touch? The type of affection and gentle care that brings comfort and gently lowers walls brick-by-brick?

Let me show you. I have created a Coupled Grounding guide to coach you through the anxiety that you and your partner may be feeling around intimacy, COVID-19, or any other stressor in your life. This 7-day journey will take you into uncharted territory - and beyond the breakers are calm, refreshing waters. Are you interested? Your guide is here, simply click on "Coupled Grounding" and download it right now.

Imagine that. You can start a new, refreshing form of intimacy today.


Hello, lovely! I'm Sade!

If you've read this far, then we may be a great fit for working together.

Therapy is for individuals and couples who need in-depth guidance through intimacy issues or affair recovery.

Coaching is a short-term, goal-oriented package for those seeking basic tools or a shift in mindset.

Book your complimentary consultation for the service that'll help you most RIGHT HERE. Confused? No worries. Book either consult and we'll chat about which is the best fit for you!


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